Hear from our clients about how the skills they have learnt from undertaking and practicing ACT, has helped them in both personally and professionally.

“Since Covid, I have been under extreme financial stress.

My ACT sessions with Helen have not only helped motivate me to work the 65-70 hours a week needed to survive financially, but to rediscover the joy in all aspects of life including work.”

— Alex

“Initially I wanted to learn ACT to improve my work productivity, but it has also helped me during some, unexpectedly, very tough times.

I’m incredibly grateful for the skills Helen has taught me.”

— Huw

“Helen has definitely contributed to the success of the South Adelaide Football club Centre of Excellence over the past few years.

Both our premiership under 16s and under 18s program used Helen’s ACT group sessions… giving them the tools to deal with the challenges and disappointments of being a young footballer.”

— Mark Clayton, Talent Manager, South Adelaide FC

“ACT has been really important this season… it has helped me to improve my game and attitude to football, and to my life outside football.”

— Under 18 footballer, South Adelaide FC

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